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Our Pricing Structure - The All-Inclusive Difference:

We've been in business for 40 years because people know and trust us. That trust is earned in many ways. One way we've built it is by being completely transparent in our pricing.  We regularly encounter people who have felt the sting of a seemingly low price only to find that all the fees added together were considerably more than they "bargained" for.   Our pricing structure is what we refer to as "unit pricing". This is different than "a la carte" pricing in that, we don't break down the fee schedule into parts and charge for each individual part. This helps keep our pricing consistent and helps the customer to know their bottom line more clearly.
Another large difference between Pennywise and many other limousine companies is that we are licensed as a sedan service, and others are licensed as a shuttle service. We charge by the car, where others charge by the individual.  For the traveler, this means that when you call us for service, you are our only focus during your trip, and you pay for the trip. Shuttle services typically charge per person, and therefore make more money as they pick up more people. This often creates longer than acceptable waiting times, and an inability to focus on the other details of your trip. The savings oftentimes does not outweigh the complications created by the extra time and attention needed.
Once again, Pennywise Sedan prices are all-inclusive. The rates which show on the airport screens are base-fares only. We feel that it is just good business to let you know what your final rate after taxes, gratuities, and city transportation fees will be. The rates you'll find on this site are the prices you'll pay, with no hidden charges or add-on fees. With Pennywise, part of our service is to make sure that your ride goes without surprises, and your payment goes likewise. Please visit our individual airport pages to see our pricing to various locations.

Our Availability

Pennywise Sedan Service is available in a variety of locations including the entire Philadelphia Metropolitan area. Pennywise is based in the Philadelphia Metropolitan market and regularly serves 8 mid-atlantic states including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, New York, Connecticuit, and the Washington, DC area. Our limousines reguliarly service the Philadelphia International Airport, Lehigh Valley International Airport, JFK International Airport, Newark International Airport, Atlantic City Airport, Reading Airport, and LaGuardia Airport.

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